ezePower™ is the Turolla hydraulic motor-powered electrical generator for use in mobile equipment applications. The generator produces a small amount of electrical power in areas of a machine that are too difficult, too costly, or too dangerous to run electrical wiring to.

ezePower™ eliminates dependency on wires across troublesome areas such as electric swivels, repetitive bend joints, and lengthy wire runs. Additionally junction box service points and special routing features can be removed. ezePower™ is also a viable solution to provide electric power where electrical isolation is needed on a machine.

  • Allows greater design flexibility eliminating complex wire routing
  • Permits localized power eases installation of complex features
  • Reduces energy use
  • Reduces fuel consumption
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Using a small aluminum Group 1 Turolla motor requires as little as 5.5 l/min and 36.8 bar [533 PSI] to produce 150 watts. For higher load conditions a 24V option generates 300 watts at a slightly higher 8 l/min and 43 bar [623 PSI].
ezePower™ can allow for powering remote PLUS+1™ wireless CAN bridge communication, controllers, solenoid valves, LED lighting, vision systems, electric actuators and sensors to improve safety, usability, reliability and autonomy or a machine.

A battery can be added for peak load conditions based on the duty cycle, or if power is needed at time when hydraulic flow has ceased.

In the event of service, system status is communicated by LED lights for easy troubleshooting.

No external moving parts allow for safe and trouble free operation.

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