Dolomites Gear Pump Gr. 3

Dolomites pumps are a two piece “bucket” style cast iron design similar to the Cascade, but by combining the gear plate and rear cover reduces cost, complexity, and potential leak paths.

The Dolomites pumps are only available in a single section configuration due to the two piece design, but have a slightly larger range of displacements and as previously mentioned are generally less expensive than similar Cascade units.

Dolomites are a little less flexible with options versus Cascade, but SAE B mounting along with ISO, EU 4-bolt and UNI (Italian) mounting flanges are standard options. Shaft options are slightly more limited, but standard group 3/SAE B options such as SAE B 13T, 20mm straight keyed, and 7/8″ straight keyed are available.

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Typical characteristic of Dolomites series is the two-piece construction consisting of separate flange and body. This makes the Dolomites pumps extremely compact and price competitive while maintaining the high performance and long durability. The flange and body are made of high-strength cast iron. Cast iron provides contamination resistance, thermal stability and the strength needed for consistently high levels of performance and durability required in demanding off-highway applications.

Sleeve bushings are pressed in the flange and body and have been optimized to provide long life in low viscosity, high pressure conditions. Axial pressure balance is ensured by aluminium alloy thrust plates with integrated pressure seals.

In order accomodate the strictest demands for extranal radial and axial force, most of the flange types are available also with the optional integrated outrigger bearings.

Due to their two-piece design, Dolomites pumps are produced as single pumps and motors only.

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