Cascade Gear Pump Gr. 3

Cascade pumps are a three piece cast iron design similar to the D-series products, but are scaled in size to be a true group 3 offering. Shifting the performance range by increasing the frame size allows the Cascade to not only offer slightly high pressure ratings, but moves the corner power displacement well above maximum D-series displacements.

Cascade options allow for great flexibility by featuring mounting flange options from an SAE A 2-bolt, to SAE C 2 + 4 bolt.

Shaft options and auxilary pad options also ensure a majority of mounting and drive requirements can be accomodated. See the technical information literature for more details.

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The three structural members of the pump are: flange, body and cover, are made of high-strength cast iron. Cast iron provides contamination resistance, thermal stability and the strength needed for consistently high levels of performance and durability needed in demanding off highway applications.

Sleeve bushings are pressed in the flange and cover and have been optimized to provide long life in low viscosity, high pressure conditions. Axial pressure balance is ensured by aluminium alloy thrust plates with integrated pressure seals.

In order to accomodate the strictest demands for external radial and axial force, most of the flange types are available also with the optional integrated outrigger bearings.

Cascade Group 3 pumps can be coupled together to produce tandem, triple and even quadruple units. The interconnecting chambers can accommodate fluid flow between sections and allow the number of inlet connections to be minimized.

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