About Us

With Turolla you’ll benefit from high-quality components and the shortest lead time in the industry.

A member of the Danfoss Group, we engineer, manufacture and supply Gear Products and Fan Drive Systems of superior quality. We work closely with our customers around the world to deliver optimal gear product and fan drive solutions.

Shortest Lead Time in the Industry

With a lean value chain and unique Fast Lane™, we provide the shortest lead time in the industry. Your first choice for a high-performance business partnership, we offer quick and professional support, fast delivery and premium quality.

Experience and Expertise

Turolla builds upon 70 years of gear product expertise. Named after the founder of the company, Marco Turolla, the company represents a long history of experience and an established position within the gear product industry.

Leading Global Manufacturer

Today Turolla is a leading global manufacturer of state-of-the-art gear products and fan drive solutions with manufacturing locations in both North America and Europe.