Gear Pumps and Motors


Energy efficient, durable and reliable, Turolla gear pumps and motors give work functions the benefits of our decades of experience.

gear pumps and motors
You’ll find performance goes hand-in-hand with reduced energy consumption and emissions in our gear pumps, gear motors and fan drives. Their efficient delivery of hydraulic power makes them indispensable to the work functions of many mobile applications.

Product Rated Pressure bar [psi] Displacement cm³/rev [in³/rev]
Aluminium Gear Pumps 250 [3,625]



Cast Iron Gear Pumps 276 [4,000]



Aluminium Gear Motors 250 [3,625]



Cast Iron Gear Motors 276 [4,000] 14.3-45    
Aluminium Fan Drive Motors 250 [3,625]



Cast Iron Fan Drive Motors 276 [4,000]



The difference between Aluminium and Cast Iron Gear Pump

Feature Aluminium Gear Pump Cast Iron Gear Pump
Pressure 250 bar [3,625 psi] 276 bar [4,000 psi]
Temperature 80°C [176°F] 110° [230°F]
Displacement 0.23-194.3 cc/rev
[0.014-11.86 in³/rev]
7-45.1 cc/rev
[0.43-2.75 in³/rev]
Design/Performance All gear products use high performance pressure balanced designs for efficiency across a wide range of pressures and speeds versus fixed clearance.
Bearings All gear products use high performance Teflon coated bushings.


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