The shortest customer lead time ever!

Stefano Brocchi (left), Yuri Bonfiglioli (center) and Riccardo Carra (right) illustrate the near 40-year Turolla history
from the original pump the local farmer returned to the company offices
and the complimentary new one that he received to get him back up and running again in the fields.


During the steamy hot days of the summer holiday time in Italy, local residents are usually found cooling off at the seaside. So it is a bit unusual to see people wandering around the streets in the intense heat. But desperate situations call for desperate actions.

“A local farmer knocked at our door with a very old pump in his hands,” explained Stefano Brocchi, Turolla Global Supply Chain Manager & Value Stream Manager – Bologna. “He got stuck with his tractor in the field and he was desperate to fix it”.

“He couldn’t get a replacement pump to complete his work on time, so he reached out to us to see if we could help,” added Yuri Bonfiglioli, Quality Team Leader - Bologna.

To everyone’s surprise, the original pump installed about 40 years ago within the farmer’s FIAT tractor was marked, “Turolla”. The opportunistic farmer soon realized his good fortune as he came to the right place and it didn’t take long to identify a replacement Turolla pump that could get the job done and the farmer back to his work managing his crops.

Turolla donated the replacement pump (old design TKP4-26) to the farmer in exchange of the old unit that – after so many years of honorable service – is now proudly displayed on Stefano’s office shelf as a proud “trophy” that is symbolic of long-lasting Turolla quality and dependability.

It was definitely an extraordinary pump life test in the field for the “now retired” Turolla pump and a great opportunity for Turolla to establish a new lead time record of only 20 minutes!