Introducing Turolla 2.0

Turolla is proud to introduce the new corporate identity

The new font and color reflect the past in the name and future in the color. 
The orange is a strong and vital color, i'ts the color of our ENERGY.
The energy that we put in our work and the enerrgy that we save with our technology.
The founded 1948 remind to everyone that it’s 65 years that we are on market taking responsibility for our products and helping customers in designing solutions: the word founded reveal a strong connection to our roots. 
The pay-off line is the adrenalin that flows through our business that delivers responsive actions, visible results and sustained value for our customes. Our everyday approach is moving fast on projects and custom design by looking forward in the technology that apply and thinking all possible way to reduce costs, improveperformances and introduce energy savings for customers. 
Icons visually communicate our difference and competitive advantage. They appear on all our communications to endorse our commitment to global excellence. They represent the fast forward thinking logic (orange icon), the evolution technology applied in engineering  (grey icon), the global footprint with local support (blue icon) and the energy saving concept (green icon).


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